Knotty Memories

I came across a picture of my daughter wearing a beanie my mother-in-law had crocheted. She made it in less than a hour using rainbow eyelash yarn. The beanie looked like a miniature wig for babies. We couldn’t help but laugh she looked adorable.

My mother-in-law and I spent a whole summer sharing crocheted ideas. She taught me new stitches while we drank coffee and watched my new babies toddle about. After watching her make the beanie it finally hit me, crocheting doesn’t have to be only practical, it can be humorous too. The spark was ignited and my love for making knots has grown ever since.

This is one of my many fond memories I have creating with loved ones. Sharing these moments with fellow crafters puts a smile on my face. Knowing that we all may have similar stories is what keeps the knotty world closer together.

Do you have a knotty memory you would like to share with us? Well we would love to hear about it! Till then Happy Knitting

me and ghost

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2 Responses to Knotty Memories

  1. LittleFears says:

    Carding wool for the missus. I don’t crochet or spin, but she treats me as her carding monkey… 😦



  2. Carding, to clean and separate and straighten the wool fibers so that it is ready to spin. I had to look that up. My knowledge of spinning isn’t great so thank you for the new vocabulary word. What a beautiful craft to share with each other.


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