Why I Knit.

The creative bug is back and I’m ready to start knitting and crocheting. Time has a way of slipping by fast without recognition. About time I stop and realize it I’ve missed opportunities to grow as a wife, a mother and as a yarn crafter. Mindless activities take control and before I know it I’m a Lazy Lima Bean. So today I wrote a list to remind myself why I knit and later I’ll write a list on growing as a wife and mother titled, “What I can do to get out of this FUNK! Oh help me please!”  Some of the list you may relate to and other reasons may not be listed. And if they’re not listed please feel free to share your reasons with the rest of us🙂 I’d love the feed back.

I Knit for Fun

I Knit  to Create

I Knit for Love

I Knit for Solace

I Knit for Peace of Mind

I Knit for a Healthy Hobby

I Knit because I Can

Thanks for listening and Happy Knitting!

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3 Responses to Why I Knit.

  1. I agree with all of your creative knitting reasons. Although I don’t knit, I do crochet and love crocheting along with others. So I Crochet for lasting friendships


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