Halloween Time ll

Wow! I came across this post in my drafts that wasn’t sent out. I can’t believe I went away that long ago. So many things changed in my life since 2017. I still knit and crochet but now I started a paper flower business. But before I get into that let me hit the publish button.

If you looked at my last post then you know I started making a hat pattern that is knitted back and forth like a scarf. This is my first time doing it in this fashion. I’m used to knitting hats in the round. It turned out better than I thought and I have just a few kinks to work out. Not to bad I must say. Have you ever tried making a hat flat then stitching it up?  Which way do you prefer? Positive thought- it seemed to go a lot faster and it was easier to fix stitches that were done wrong. Negative thought- while stitching it together I had to make sure that the rows lined up right because it kept moving. So I suggest using pins to keep it in place.


These are my Pumpkin Flatts hats that will turn into Jack O’ Flatts named after one of my favorite bands Rascal Flatts ❤️. I had my daughter draw what she wanted for the face she cut it out and sewed them onto the beanie. This is one of my DIY’s I like to do to keep everyone part of the creation.

This is great for little ones, they can draw the face and cut them out. While mom does the sewing. Time spent with loved ones is priceless!


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Halloween Time

I love making Halloween costumes it’s been my thing since my children were born. I’ve made almost every costume they ever worn. One of my fondest memories was laying them on the floor and outlining their bodies on the material needed. I didn’t know how to make a pattern or even use one so I had to be creative.  I also didn’t really know how to use my sewing machine. I just had an idea of what I wanted and determination to get it done by any means. Now mind you these weren’t store quality costumes after being hand stitched but my babies looked magnificent.  Looking back It was such a primitive way to get things done that it totally worked that year for my little Pebbles, BamBam and Fred. I worked hard and felt proud when the Flintstone family went out and Joined the fellow Halloweeners.

So like every Halloween I feel the craving the need and want to create something. Even though my children are now teenagers and their ideas differ from mommy’s ideas on what’s “cool” doesn’t mean I can’t try. I’ll sneak something in 🤔.

For now I’ll be happy creating my first pumpkin beanie pattern made for knitter beginners. This toddler beanie is knitted flat using Knit and Purl stitches not made in the round and when finished is closed or put together by a whip stitch. The pattern was made to help strengthen your technique in the standard Knit, Purl stitch. It’s simple and fun.

Here’s what it looks like so far. When I’m finished it will go to my nephew.



Can’t wait for the finished product! Will post it as soon as I am done.

Do you have a creative Halloween project that you look back at with fond memories? Feel free to share I always love a good story🤗







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Knotty Memories

I came across a picture of my daughter wearing a beanie my mother-in-law had crocheted. She made it in less than a hour using rainbow eyelash yarn. The beanie looked like a miniature wig for babies. We couldn’t help but laugh she looked adorable.

My mother-in-law and I spent a whole summer sharing crocheted ideas. She taught me new stitches while we drank coffee and watched my new babies toddle about. After watching her make the beanie it finally hit me, crocheting doesn’t have to be only practical, it can be humorous too. The spark was ignited and my love for making knots has grown ever since.

This is one of my many fond memories I have creating with loved ones. Sharing these moments with fellow crafters puts a smile on my face. Knowing that we all may have similar stories is what keeps the knotty world closer together.

Do you have a knotty memory you would like to share with us? Well we would love to hear about it! Till then Happy Knitting

me and ghost

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Crafty Poem

I knit in the round, side to side, row after row, day after day

with an overwhelming feeling of giddiness like a child at play

Driven by the song in my heart and eagerness in my fingers

The yarn starts to take shape

with excitement my mind lingers

on the thought of what I’ll create

These words came to me yesterday when I was thinking of ideas for blog posts. I had so much fun putting this poem together. So today see if you can put some words together to tell us how you feel. Can’t wait to see your creativeness.

Till then Happy knitting!

ghost and bird knit

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Why I Knit.

The creative bug is back and I’m ready to start knitting and crocheting. Time has a way of slipping by fast without recognition. About time I stop and realize it I’ve missed opportunities to grow as a wife, a mother and as a yarn crafter. Mindless activities take control and before I know it I’m a Lazy Lima Bean. So today I wrote a list to remind myself why I knit and later I’ll write a list on growing as a wife and mother titled, “What I can do to get out of this FUNK! Oh help me please!”  Some of the list you may relate to and other reasons may not be listed. And if they’re not listed please feel free to share your reasons with the rest of us🙂 I’d love the feed back.

I Knit for Fun

I Knit  to Create

I Knit for Love

I Knit for Solace

I Knit for Peace of Mind

I Knit for a Healthy Hobby

I Knit because I Can

Thanks for listening and Happy Knitting!

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Friends are like circular needles

Like a knitted Cast On to your circular needles you create a chain. A long chain of life’s events, your up’s and your down’s. Chains filled with your youth, friendships, adulthood, marriage, and family. And somehow I dropped those chains that were filled with friendships, as you know chains are important for they are the foundation of your project. Just like friendships are needed in your foundation of life. Friends are someone outside of family who let you speak loudly, let’s you cry freely, let’s you vent about fears and dreams. Like the circular needles, I found my dropped chain when I needed it the most. I cast it on my hook and joined it onto my existing chains and complete the circle. I can’t go back and place the chain where I dropped it but, with this beautiful friendship there’s no need to it’s right where it should be. Now with the joined chains comes many possibilities. We can become socks, a hat, a cute stuffed animal, or my favorite an infinity scarf. Thanks Rainy for being my scarf!



Beautiful flowers sent by a lovely friend at the perfect time. Thanks💝

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Feeling Cheesy

Surprised by my husband, totally side railed, I had no idea that he had been working on a new novel. He said he had a present for me and as ridiculous as it sounds I thought he was playing.  So I turn around to call his bluff and there it is, his new novel, in a binder, ready for me to read. Duh! He said he had a present why was I so doubtful. I immediately grabbed the binder and started reading, that was two days ago and i just finished. The story was great. I was cheering, then I was angry, then back to cheering, crying, oh yah cheering then screaming yeah! Just to many emotions following the characters journey. I wanted the happy ending and I got it. I’m so proud of him he’s one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a published author. Now he would say that I’m jumping the gun he has a lot to still do to get to that point but, I have so much faith in him I know he will succeed! The story is going to succeed! I can’t wait to see how this plays out.


Thanks for listening my Knitting friends. I’ll keep you posted till then Happy Knitting.


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Is it Ever to Late to Follow a Trend?

When your a lone knitter you have to find out on your own what’s going on in the crafting world. Which brings me to why I started reaching out via social media. There’s so much information I was losing out on and so I started following some fellow crafter blogs and Twitter peeps, really branching out of my comfort zone. Then I found it #yarnbombing!

download           images

Here’s a few quotes I found on Twitter about yarnbombing.

Mr G@taffinexile “if I could knit… I’d yarnbomb everywhere. This dark world needs brightening up.”

Kristyglassknits@chasing_her “oh how I love this yarn bombing.”

Kathiwilson@midwife “The world would be * so * much better with more yarnbombing.”

Queen Babs@queen_Babs ” I would like to remind you that yarnbombing and fiberart is serious business!”

So yes Queen Babs@queen_Babs I am taking it seriously! To understand this more here is an article I read from Katherine Brooks Knitted Bridge http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/10/andy-warhol-bridge_n_3733946.html. It was a great article but that’s to big for me, I need to start at a much smaller scale. I am exploding with excitement right now. Who would of known crafts could have such an affect on a person. Are you passionate about the art? Do you find yourself trending on the latest fads when they’re so fresh or does it take you awhile and a lot of research before you join the band wagon?

Well here’s what I did!

Hearts for project: yarnbomb

Hearts for project: yarnbomb

I did the research, I joined the band wagon and started my first yarnbombing mission. I’ll keep you posted till then HAPPY KNITTING!


Here are some other places to research if you are interested.


Facebook Yarnbombing Los Angeles

Twitter #yarnbombing

Barns and Noble Yarnbombing “The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti”

June 11th International Yarnbombing Day





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Rockin’ the Dino

What an exciting year as we welcome a little one, my nephew, into the family after 8 years. The joy he has brought into our lives is over whelming. Not only is he beautiful it looks like he’s going to be a great model for some fun knitting crafts.  He’s rockin’  my version of a Dino-rific Tail-hat, inspired by the many talented crafters on the most addicting website, Pinerest. When I saw this fun design I knew this is what I wanted to make for him.

Dino Tail-Hat. Crochet hat into a knitted tail.

Too much cuteness for one picture.

Finding a craft to make is at times the easiest part of the process. In my opinion the hardest part is coming up with a pattern that you created so its your version not another persons (It’s always good to give credit where its due). What I did was crochet the hat and knit the tail, increasing and decreasing as I go making sure I get the shape I want. Then I made and attached the spikes. Now the spikes didn’t come out to be the same size (even though I tried to make them that way) so I attached them on largest to smallest. It’s your recreation so there’s no right or wrong way. Mistakes can be part of what makes your creation unique or a genuine one of a kind.  For the finishing touch I used a single crochet stitch to add a trim around the entire body.


Whoop there it is! (hahaha) An adorable piece made for my truly one of a kind nephew. Love you bunches!

Inspirations, they come to all of us in different ways and in different times of our lives. Whether you have inadvertently pushed away a loved one and find yourself trying to knit your way back in their lives. If you find yourself knitting to remember a happier time when your children were so small and wore everything you made. Love is my true inspiration for knitting. What is yours? Do you have a story of inspired knitting you’d like to share? if so I would love to hear it.  Till then HAPPY KNITTING.



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The Traveling Knit

Recently I had to abruptly leave my family, and my house. Twenty minutes to gather some belongings for a duration that is unknown. I received a phone call that my grandmother is on her last breath and if I want to see her I should come as soon as possible. Her health has been declining for the last year, it’s been one problem after the next. She’s been fighting hard and now seems ready to rest. With the help of my sister in-law train tickets are bought for my mother and I in record time. 

So here is how knitting ties into this muy rapido scenario. My daughter is gathering all my essentials and I’m thinking of what I can bring to help me get through the dreaded ten hour train ride and with the thought of making it on time to see my grandmother. I bring a book I’ve been reading “if I stay”. Later on I realize it wasn’t one of my best choices. Knitting, don’t forget the knitting. I’m still laboring on cowls and this is one of my favorite stitches yet, the windmill. It’s a beautiful deep red perfect for the fall season and it is turning out nice. So of course I bring this for my trip.

With the intentions on finishing this cowl I bring it with me everywhere I go. I’m in Albuquerque, New Mexico staying with two different family members and traveling between four homes for ten days with my knitting at my side. I work on it during what I call my down time. Here’s where things start getting confusing, I’m traveling everywhere and I forget where I last left my knitting. By now I’ve been in five different cars, but I find it anyways. Yay! Well this continues through most of my stay I lose it, I find it. 

My grandma passes which was expected and by now I’m emotionally and physically drained. Time to collect all my belongings and  make my way home. But once again I’ve misplaced my knitting and I become frantic and start calling everyone that I have traveled with or have spent time in their home. No one can recall seeing it. So in the end I leave New Mexico without my favorite cowl and it is unfinished.  

To conclude this story I don’t know what to do about my knitting. Do I buy new number seven DPN’s and yarn then start again? Do I wait until everyone is settled and ask if they can look again and if found please mail it to me? I don’t like the idea of an unfinished project that I may never see again. The fruit of my labor not being enjoyed is what saddens me the most. Don’t get me wrong I have had unfinished work before but with the idea that I can pick it up and finish it whenever I want.

So what would you do in this situation, start a new pattern with a new color or do you try the same project all over again? Have you ever traveled on vacation or had to leave suddenly on a family emergency with your knitting project and lost it or left it? If so what did you do? Love to hear your story! Till then HAPPY KNITTING.


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