Halloween Time ll

Wow! I came across this post in my drafts that wasn’t sent out. I can’t believe I went away that long ago. So many things changed in my life since 2017. I still knit and crochet but now I started a paper flower business. But before I get into that let me hit the publish button.

If you looked at my last post then you know I started making a hat pattern that is knitted back and forth like a scarf. This is my first time doing it in this fashion. I’m used to knitting hats in the round. It turned out better than I thought and I have just a few kinks to work out. Not to bad I must say. Have you ever tried making a hat flat then stitching it up?  Which way do you prefer? Positive thought- it seemed to go a lot faster and it was easier to fix stitches that were done wrong. Negative thought- while stitching it together I had to make sure that the rows lined up right because it kept moving. So I suggest using pins to keep it in place.


These are my Pumpkin Flatts hats that will turn into Jack O’ Flatts named after one of my favorite bands Rascal Flatts ❤️. I had my daughter draw what she wanted for the face she cut it out and sewed them onto the beanie. This is one of my DIY’s I like to do to keep everyone part of the creation.

This is great for little ones, they can draw the face and cut them out. While mom does the sewing. Time spent with loved ones is priceless!



About doublepointedlove

My domain name doublepointedlove derived from my love of knitting. My first knit project was a pair of socks for my husband in which I had to use 5 DOUBLEPOINTED needles. If you ever worked with them it’s quite intimidating. I was determined to make these socks and when I finished I fell in LOVE. Now since then I have created scarves, hats, blankets, sweaters, whatever I could. I did this for many years and wanted to try something new. Now I’m creating paper flowers for photo backdrops and crepe paper flowers for bouquets. Hot glue burns and paper cuts are now my reality. I have made this my full time job and enjoy every second. And though my focus has changed since I started with this domain name I won’t change it because, it reminds me of how my love of art started from a set of double pointed needles!
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