About my knitting

Hello Everyone, nice to meet ya!

My name is Melissa and I’m Double Pointed Love.

Knits. Knuts. Knatty knots. Every creation is unique in a world of wondrous knots. I’m still learning every day this great craft, but the rush I get when a project takes shape, when my fingers fly too fast to be seen, when DPNs, lost in the chaos, come poking from my hair, these are the reasons I love this ancient art.

I first learned to knit after a thoughtful someone gave me two skeins of wool yarn, a pattern book and a pack of double pointed needles. My first project was a pair of socks. Casting on, then casting on four needles, then counting knits and purls—the learning curve was steep learning to turn a heel after so much work gave me chills. But I persevered and produced a lovely pair of wool socks. And then I learned how much wool shrinks. I can laugh about it now.

My blog is not only for my knitting escapades, but also about life and everything it brings. I love to learn and hope to gain some new techniques.

Home Is Where My Yarns Is. I’ll discuss all things knitting and crocheting. Stitches, yarns, needles, maybe even some spinning.

Thank you for taking the time to view my site. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to meeting you soon, till then, HAPPY KNITTING!



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