Calling All Yarn Crafters. Are you out there? Can You hear Me? Is This Mic On? Testing,Testing

I found this title to be humorous but my Son begged me to not post it, he said it wasn’t a bit funny. I guess that’s where we differ. Love you son but, it’s staying.

Good Afternoon fellow knitter bloggers, I believe I’m ready to venture out and brave the blogging world. I started this page in June of this year but have been afraid to post. Why? you say, because I’m not sure if I got what it takes to keep people logging in to my knitting posts. How do you keep people coming back for more? So I start looking into other posts to see what it takes and I came up with this…Be friendly, Be honest, Be true to yourself, and try not to offend anyone. So why did I want to start this blog? Let me tell ya, I wanted to meet new people who have a need to create yarn art and who enjoy a real challenge. I have little amounts (I can count them on one hand) of people in my life who share the same love for the arts as I do. Of course they do enjoy what I make them and even request items from me but do not want to learn to make them their selves or do not have the time. Now most of us know that if there’s time to sit then there’s time to knit, no excuses needed. So I come to you my potential web friends with knitting and crocheting ideas and problems and with the need to hear other ideas and problem solving advice from you. My goal is to post once a week and hopefully you will feel the need to see what I have going on and I in return would love to hear what’s in your life’s basket.


The loves of my life.

The loves of my life.

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