Friends are like circular needles

Like a knitted Cast On to your circular needles you create a chain. A long chain of life’s events, your up’s and your down’s. Chains filled with your youth, friendships, adulthood, marriage, and family. And somehow I dropped those chains that were filled with friendships, as you know chains are important for they are the foundation of your project. Just like friendships are needed in your foundation of life. Friends are someone outside of family who let you speak loudly, let’s you cry freely, let’s you vent about fears and dreams. Like the circular needles, I found my dropped chain when I needed it the most. I cast it on my hook and joined it onto my existing chains and complete the circle. I can’t go back and place the chain where I dropped it but, with this beautiful friendship there’s no need to it’s right where it should be. Now with the joined chains comes many possibilities. We can become socks, a hat, a cute stuffed animal, or my favorite an infinity scarf. Thanks Rainy for being my scarf!



Beautiful flowers sent by a lovely friend at the perfect time. Thanks💝

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1 Response to Friends are like circular needles

  1. You have a wonderful way with words… I am blessed to be linked with you. I love you so much Melissa. Thank you and the stars above for the true beauty of our friendship.


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