Rockin’ the Dino

What an exciting year as we welcome a little one, my nephew, into the family after 8 years. The joy he has brought into our lives is over whelming. Not only is he beautiful it looks like he’s going to be a great model for some fun knitting crafts.  He’s rockin’  my version of a Dino-rific Tail-hat, inspired by the many talented crafters on the most addicting website, Pinerest. When I saw this fun design I knew this is what I wanted to make for him.

Dino Tail-Hat. Crochet hat into a knitted tail.

Too much cuteness for one picture.

Finding a craft to make is at times the easiest part of the process. In my opinion the hardest part is coming up with a pattern that you created so its your version not another persons (It’s always good to give credit where its due). What I did was crochet the hat and knit the tail, increasing and decreasing as I go making sure I get the shape I want. Then I made and attached the spikes. Now the spikes didn’t come out to be the same size (even though I tried to make them that way) so I attached them on largest to smallest. It’s your recreation so there’s no right or wrong way. Mistakes can be part of what makes your creation unique or a genuine one of a kind.  For the finishing touch I used a single crochet stitch to add a trim around the entire body.


Whoop there it is! (hahaha) An adorable piece made for my truly one of a kind nephew. Love you bunches!

Inspirations, they come to all of us in different ways and in different times of our lives. Whether you have inadvertently pushed away a loved one and find yourself trying to knit your way back in their lives. If you find yourself knitting to remember a happier time when your children were so small and wore everything you made. Love is my true inspiration for knitting. What is yours? Do you have a story of inspired knitting you’d like to share? if so I would love to hear it.  Till then HAPPY KNITTING.




About doublepointedlove

My domain name doublepointedlove derived from my love of knitting. My first knit project was a pair of socks for my husband in which I had to use 5 DOUBLEPOINTED needles. If you ever worked with them it’s quite intimidating. I was determined to make these socks and when I finished I fell in LOVE. Now since then I have created scarves, hats, blankets, sweaters, whatever I could. I did this for many years and wanted to try something new. Now I’m creating paper flowers for photo backdrops and crepe paper flowers for bouquets. Hot glue burns and paper cuts are now my reality. I have made this my full time job and enjoy every second. And though my focus has changed since I started with this domain name I won’t change it because, it reminds me of how my love of art started from a set of double pointed needles!
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  1. biancadoes says:

    OMG! That is so adorable!


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