Is it Ever to Late to Follow a Trend?

When your a lone knitter you have to find out on your own what’s going on in the crafting world. Which brings me to why I started reaching out via social media. There’s so much information I was losing out on and so I started following some fellow crafter blogs and Twitter peeps, really branching out of my comfort zone. Then I found it #yarnbombing!

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Here’s a few quotes I found on Twitter about yarnbombing.

Mr G@taffinexile “if I could knit… I’d yarnbomb everywhere. This dark world needs brightening up.”

Kristyglassknits@chasing_her “oh how I love this yarn bombing.”

Kathiwilson@midwife “The world would be * so * much better with more yarnbombing.”

Queen Babs@queen_Babs ” I would like to remind you that yarnbombing and fiberart is serious business!”

So yes Queen Babs@queen_Babs I am taking it seriously! To understand this more here is an article I read from Katherine Brooks Knitted Bridge It was a great article but that’s to big for me, I need to start at a much smaller scale. I am exploding with excitement right now. Who would of known crafts could have such an affect on a person. Are you passionate about the art? Do you find yourself trending on the latest fads when they’re so fresh or does it take you awhile and a lot of research before you join the band wagon?

Well here’s what I did!

Hearts for project: yarnbomb

Hearts for project: yarnbomb

I did the research, I joined the band wagon and started my first yarnbombing mission. I’ll keep you posted till then HAPPY KNITTING!


Here are some other places to research if you are interested.

Facebook Yarnbombing Los Angeles

Twitter #yarnbombing

Barns and Noble Yarnbombing “The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti”

June 11th International Yarnbombing Day






About doublepointedlove

My domain name doublepointedlove derived from my love of knitting. My first knit project was a pair of socks for my husband in which I had to use 5 DOUBLEPOINTED needles. If you ever worked with them it’s quite intimidating. I was determined to make these socks and when I finished I fell in LOVE. Now since then I have created scarves, hats, blankets, sweaters, whatever I could. I did this for many years and wanted to try something new. Now I’m creating paper flowers for photo backdrops and crepe paper flowers for bouquets. Hot glue burns and paper cuts are now my reality. I have made this my full time job and enjoy every second. And though my focus has changed since I started with this domain name I won’t change it because, it reminds me of how my love of art started from a set of double pointed needles!
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